Always You

I stand on tiptoe looking for your face to come out of the crowd.  My stomach is in knots as I anticipate your touch.   I bounce on my toes and hum a little to ease my tension and other people give me plenty of space.  My face breaks into a wide smile as our eyes finally meet over the heads of strangers.    It’s not our first meeting, nor is it even our tenth.  I’ve picked you up from the airport dozens of times, but I’m excited every time you come home to me.

You sweep me into your arms and bury your face in my hair inhaling deeply.  I’m trembling as my body remembers all of the pleasure and pain we’ve explored together and my lips seek yours.

“Shhhh Kitten, not yet.  You have to earn my kisses.”  

You cup my face in your hands and plant one light kiss on my forehead before reaching around my neck and locking in place my silver collar.  Deep within me all of my tensions release and I feel the heat begin to rise between my legs as my thighs grow slick.  I move my hand towards my ache,  and you catch my wrist.  

“Naughty girl.  Leave it alone.  That’s my pussy.”  

You step back to survey me, and I keep my eyes to the ground while I wait for your approval.  I’m wearing one of your chosen outfits: button up blouse with a tiny bit of lace showing, short skirt, thigh highs and stilettos. You don’t allow me to wear anything underneath. You slide your hands around my waist and then down so your fingers stroke my skin between skirt and stocking.

“Beautiful,” you murmur in my ear as your lips skim my ear.  

Your hands move under my skirt so if a passerby noticed us they would see my bare bottom and you lazily allowing your fingers to trace my curves.  My body responds with a surge of excitement, and I feel a river of wet begin to snake down my inner thigh.    I glance around nervously because there is still a crowd bustling by, but I do not attempt to move your hands.  You cup both of my ass cheeks and pull my body against you.  I can feel your hard cock press between my legs.  A gentleman in a business suit walks by engrossed in his cell phone.  He is so close that one flick of his eye and he will see me naked.  I whimper in protest but you silence me by squeezing my flesh.  You reward me with a long slow kiss.

“You’re mine, little one.  Ready to go home?”  


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