Dave and Kitten

It had been a brutal day at the firm.  Dave had mediated four nasty divorces, and he couldn’t wait to get home and forget the heartbreak of other people. Cases weighed heavily on his heart, but he still believed that people needed each other to survive.  Love was never a concept that he allowed himself to dwell upon because the woman he cared about lived so far away from him. The thought of her made him smile, but traffic was hell so his dour mood returned.  He sighed in relief he pulled into his driveway, but he knew that all he really had to look forward to was a bite of corned beef and solitude.

Dave grumbled as he retrieved his mail. His fingers were idly flipping through the stack of envelopes as he walked to his front door which he found wide open. Dave stopped.  He felt danger tingling on the back of his neck and prepared to battle an intruder.  He placed the mail on the floor and balled his hands into a fist and rushed inside.

“Assholes, better get out of MY house,” he growled.

Dave strode into his living room seething with fury.  He glanced around but nothing was out of place, and he didn’t see anyone.  He proceeded through the living room and into the kitchen.  He noticed a pot bubbling on the stove.  Who in the hell breaks in and cooks?  Dave turned off the stove and paused because he heard a noise coming from his bedroom.  

“Mmmm mmm ooh,” faintly reached his ears from behind the closed door.   He couldn’t quite place it, but the rhythmic moans were familiar.   He swung open the door in a confused rage ready to fight whomever dared to enter his sanctum.    

Dave froze.  Her creamy legs were splayed open on his bed, black stilettos strapped to her feet and she wore nothing else.   Her head was thrown back in ecstasy on his pillow, and her long dark curls were wild against the white of his sheets.  Her hand firmly clenched a pink glass dildo, and his eyes drank in the sight of her dripping pussy.  Dave felt his cock press against his pants, while his heart began to beat fast.  It was his Kitten.  Dave’s mind raced: She shouldn’t be here.  Why is she here?  God, she’s here.  Mine.

“Kitten!  Knees! Now!” Dave barked.  

Kitten’s head snapped up and delight flooded her face. “Daddy!” She squealed and tottered quickly over to him on too-tall high heels.  The dildo, forgotten, thunked to the floor as it fell from her wetness.

“No, Kitten,” Dave rumbled and his cold glaring eyes made Kitten’s face fall, and she obediently kneeled before him.  

“Kitten, why are you here?  Daddy needs to know these things,” Dave sternly asked her.

Kitten whimpered,  “I missed you.  We haven’t visited each other in months and I needed you.  I’m sorry.”  Dave tangled his hand in Kitten’s hair and gently pulled her up against him.  His lips found hers and they melted together in familiar comfort.  They have kissed many times over the years, but the initial kiss always felt like they were finally slaking a burning thirst.  “I made chili,” Kitten murmured against his lips.  

Daddy’s anger faded and he chuckled, “Smells good, but you broke rules, Kitten. Chili will have to wait.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Kitten kissed Daddy once more and then brought him her clipboard off the wall and again knelt before him.  Dave kept track of her transgressions and then mitigated punishments based on the severity of the crime. It was more for fun than for malice and they both enjoyed the comfort of rules and order.

“You aren’t allowed to surprise me, Kitten.  That’s ten swats with the belt and cumming without permission is another ten. I hope your ass can take it.  Are you only here for the weekend?  You didn’t tell me you were coming for visit and we just talked a few days ago.”

“I wanted to surprise you, Daddy.  I took off work for three weeks because you are always saying that we never have enough time together.”


“I have a hotel, Daddy, and I don’t expect to stay with you.”  Kitten looked up at him with pleading eyes.  

Dave relaxed a little and unbuckled his belt.  Kitten felt every clink in her gut and moaned as the leather slid free.  

“Get on my lap Kitten.  Let’s warm up that bottom. You’ve been very bad.  But I missed you, too.  I need my Kitten.”  

Kitten draped her body across his lap with her  bottom exposed.  Dave’s hand connected soundly against her flesh and Kitten winced.  With each blow, Dave built a rhythm that brought pain and pleasure and made her ass blaze with heat. His strong hand made her drip in anticipation and after his final blow, he dipped a finger in her waiting pussy. She moaned like a carnal beast in heat and collapsed against his body.     Dave’s cock was becoming uncomfortably restrained in his pants and he needed release.  

He eased Kitten into sitting position and stood in front of her while he opened his fly and traced his thick cock over her lips.  She moaned as he frosted her lips with the liquid sex that dripped from his cock, and she split her smile wide to accommodate his girth as he pushed himself into her.  Endorphins flooded her body as she rolled her tongue around his shaft.  Dave buried his hands in his Kitten’s hair and pressed his cock into her throat.  Kitten gagged, but he held her firmly.   Her eyes watered until  he finally released his hold so he could pound her face hard but slow.  She whimpered as he again pressed her head tightly against him. He pulled Kitten back and a strand of drool connected her mouth to his cock, and he wiped it away with his thumb.   Dave’s suit pants  had  Kitten spit and precum wetness around the fly.  He tilted her chin up and smiled at her.  

“Hi, Beautiful. How did you get in my house?” Daddy asked.  

“Lick…er umm locksmith,”  Kitten murmured while keeping her eyes locked on Daddy’s cock, “He let me in because I pretended that I locked myself out in a towel and heels.  I actually rode over here in an Uber scantily clad just for fun.  I will need to borrow a shirt later to go back to my hotel.”  

Dave laughed at his silly Kitten.  “Oh no you won’t, sweetheart.  You can Uber back just the way you came.  I missed you too, but you can’t just crash into my life.  Daddy needs a warning and that can be your punishment.  You need more spanking.  Get on the bed, bottom up.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Dave picked up his belt and adjusted his fly.  His grin of forgiveness was unseen by the facedown Kitten who still thought she was very much in trouble.  She had been very naughty, but Dave was delighted to see her.  Her bottom was flushed pink from his spanking and her beauty made his breath catch in his throat.  This woman was his submissive,his treasure, and his greatest love.   He was baffled by her devotion, but relationship was about something more than love that they both needed to feel complete.   He brought his arm back and snapped his belt across her soft ass.  She yelped and whimpered out, “One.  Thank you, Daddy.”  

His cock twitched in longing but when Dave was Daddy, he always kept composure.  Daddy made her count five hard lashes and welts streaked her beautiful skin.  Dave paused to check on his Kitten. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but she was still smiling.  Daddy admired the red streaks he was leaving on her bottom, and let his mouth soothe her aching skin briefly by tracing his work with his tongue and this made her moan with pleasure.   He bit her firmly on the ass and then reared his belt  back for number six.

“Uh, Sir?” A male voice interrupted Daddy’s punishment.  Dave calmly turned to the voice with his arm still raised over his head.  

“Yes?” Daddy’s voice was ice.  

“The woman wanted me to come pick her up in three hours.  I knocked, but the door was open. Er ummm, here’s your mail,” the Uber driver stammered.  

Dave looked at the driver reproachfully.  “She’s fine. You can leave.” The two man stared at each other.  The Uber driver began to slowly retreat out of the room.  A flash of movement tore Dave’s eyes from the staredown with the intruder.    Kitten, wearing his boxers, tee shirt, and heels, breezed past him.  

“I left you a hotel key, Daddy.  Come see me.” Kitten kissed his cheek and led the Uber driver to the waiting car.  

Dave watched her leave in shocked disbelief and he heard the front door close behind her. He was flummoxed.  His bad office day was completely forgotten and all of his thoughts were consumed with her.  What is that vixen  up to?  How dare she leave!  She was his!  His!  She needed to finish her punishment.  He may even start over for this little ridiculous stunt.  She needed to remember her place.  

Dave grumbled his way to the kitchen and dipped a bowl of Kitten’s chili from the stove.  He enjoyed her cooking and was famished from the rush of emotions.  He considered leaving her in her hotel to teach that little slut a lesson about boundaries.   He mulled over how to handle this blatant disobedience while he showered and put on comfortable clothes.

He lay down on his bed and the sheets smelled of her perfume and he plucked a long dark curl from his pillowcase.  He needed her.  “Damnit, Kitten,” he growled before snatching the hotel key from the nightstand.  He quickly packed a bag and made sure to locked  his house tight.  Her hotel was in the city and at least a twenty minute drive  A frustrated Dave roared out his his driveway in pursuit of his Kitten.

Dave pulled into the luxurious hotel and gathered his things in a huff.  She had  written the room number on the back of the key in Sharpie, but as Dave walked in the lobby, he heard her soft laugh before he saw her. The sound of her giggles drew him to the bar.  She was beautiful as always and Dave paused just to watch her without her knowing.   She had done her hair, painted her lips red, and was squeezed in a cocktail dress that made her tits spill out the top.  The lace of her thigh highs peeked out as she wiggled on the bar stool laughing at her companion’s joke. Dave’s mouth went dry as he watched the gentleman place a hand on Kitten’s thigh and whisper in her ear.  Whatever was said, Kitten wrinkled her nose and shook her head in disgust.  Dave crossed the floor to her and placed his hand on her neck from behind while pulling her to her feet.  Kitten struggled against him and Dave grunted and threw her over his shoulder and gave her ass one loud swat.  Kitten’s bare ass was on display for every hungry eye to see and his earlier marks shone bright against her pale skin. Dave plopped her down without ceremony, wound his hand in her hair and pulled her from the bar.  Kitten smiled and waved goodbye  to her drinking partner whose mouth was agape.  

Dave dragged Kitten in the elevator and barked, “Knees, Kitten.”  Kitten dropped to her knees and looked up at her Daddy with love struck eyes. Dave let the doors slide shut and  pulled out his cock which  Kitten eagerly took in her mouth.  Dave pushed all the buttons on the elevator so that at each floor the door opened and exposed Kitten’s bad behavior. She tensed at the sound of the sliding doors opening, but she continued her task.  She heard a voices gasp and mutter, but if she tried to turn  her head to look, Dave held her head tight.  When they arrived at their floor, Dave zipped up and took her hand and led them to her room.  She was trembling slightly.  She knew that she had disobeyed Daddy and greatly inconvenienced him, but she hoped he would like her plan.  Dave opened the door to the suite that Kitten acquired and stopped for a moment.  Kitten had put rose petals all over and had softly glowing unscented battery operated candles.  That romantic crap was nice but Daddy’s eye was drawn to Kitten’s display of toys.

Dave gave Kitten a look while she bounced up and down in excitement. He mostly enjoyed being Daddy with her, but there were stolen days of just the two of them behaving like normal people.  Kitten had stacked trivia games, scrabble, boggle, body crayons, her easel and paints, and the newspaper.  Dave smiled inwardly as he ran a hand over one of her paintings that she meticulously dotted with tiny schools of fish.  He was flooded with memories of their trips where he fished while watching her paint the scenery.

His eyes drifted to the chair by the window.  There was a box brimming with lingerie he had never seen before, the collar he bought her, lavender rope, baby oil, and a new chain link leash.  Dave picked  up one of Kitten’s high heels and noticed a tiny padlock on the side and a small key poking out from the lock. There were variety of paddles, vibrators, and butt plugs laid  carefully out like a sex toy buffet.  He spied her favorite dildo sitting on a velvet pillow next to six bottles of her favorite anal lube.  He crooked an eyebrow at his giggling Kitten who was perched at the end of the bed.  He ran his hand over a silk scarf and traced  a finger over a leather blindfold. His Kitten loved sensory experiences.  These toys offered a wide range of play options and brought lust filled heated memories of transcendent sexual experimentations in boundaries and limits.  

Kitten had placed a few more things in a cardboard box on the floor. Daddy tipped the box with his toe and he noted a clothesline, a bottle of hot sauce, a ginger root and peeler.  He glanced at Kitten and she  bowed her head and giggled.   Dave saw Kitten’s ball gag and a brand new leather tawse.   A single thin cane poked out of the box and Daddy looked at Kitten who shrugged. Kitten’s first aid things and a dose of Plan B were also packed in the box.  These were things for primal play and the toys were more blunt objects than sexy playthings.  But when Daddy gets a little dark,  he doesn’t use tools very well anyway.    

Dave’s anger drained from his body, and he sits down heavily on the bed next to his mischievous Kitten.  “I’m here for three weeks, Daddy.  This room is my cage and you can visit as often as you like or not at all.  I needed some time away from the real world and you are my perfect escape.  I wanted to offer you every fantasy I could think of to indulge you.  If you don’t visit, my toys will keep me happy and I brought lots of books to read and the pool here is lovely.  If you choose to visit, well, I’m saying yes to anything.”  

Kitten stretched her legs over his and leaned in for a kiss.  Dave was hesitant at first and then he hungrily kissed  his sweetheart.  They tipped back on the bed and he rolled her on top of him.  Kitten eagerly stripped him and bent to kiss his body.  Her hair tickled behind the trail that her lips made.  She looked questionably at Daddy to get permission to suck his cock, and he nodded.  Kitten’s lips engulfed her greatest treasure and Daddy dissolved into moans.  Kitten lost herself in licking and sucking  until Daddy’s balls tightened in her hand.  She maintained her rhythm and anticipated a throatful of her Daddy’s cum.  He shot hot and plentiful in her mouth until her cheeks bulged slightly.  Kitten raised her head so Daddy could see cum coating  her tongue and he gave permission so she could gulp him down.  Kitten gently licked Daddy clean and made her way to snuggle in his arms.  He glimpsed her red streaked bottom in the mirror and knew that her punishment wasn’t over but for now, as the two lovers drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, they found peace.

Dave spent the night with Kitten, and they both slept soundly in the familiar heat of their embrace.  Dave woke early and kissed his zonked out precious girl on the forehead before leaving for the day.  He knew that she needed a few days to adjust to his time zone and allowed her to rest. They lived hundreds of miles apart and only saw each other a few times each year.  He considered a note before leaving, but he felt she didn’t deserve his kindness just yet.  He would be back in due time, and she knew he had a very demanding job that needed him.  She truly was disrupting his life but to him, time with her was worth every inconvenience. Three weeks of Kitten time sounded like heaven on Earth, but he also worried how she would fit into his routines.   

Dave spent  the next two days of his usual work week indulging important clients with dinners and golf outings, but thoughts of his sweet Kitten being  in his town burned around the edges of his eyes and consumed his dreams. He wanted her constantly, but he he kept telling himself she needed to learn that she couldn’t simply interrupt his life on a whim. They texted their usual good mornings and goodnights, and she made no mention of needing him as she sent him sightseeing photos. She knew that she needed to learn patience and how to wait.   He decided to visit her on Sunday  to let her know that her punishment was over for now.   

Dave left church with admonishments about hell and sin ringing in his ears, and he immediately drove to her hotel. She was his favorite kind of sin. His key opened the door to her room, and she was lying on the bed with her back to him.  There was  newspaper spread out all over the floor and she had canvases of almost dry paintings propped against the walls.  He noted that several of the paintings featured him.  He knew his Kitten missed him and he felt a pang of remorse that he hadn’t visited sooner, but his work as an attorney kept him very busy.  

“Hi Dave,” she chirped without looking up from her crossword.  “What’s an eight letter word for not normal that starts with an a?”  

“Aberrant,” Dave responded automatically but he was a bit flabbergasted that she didn’t prance and jump around him for his arrival like she usually did. She also called him “Dave.”  He made a mental note to address this later.  He dropped his keys on the dresser and crossed to the bed.  Her T-shirt barely covered her bottom and she was wearing the pink panties with kittens on them that he bought her for her birthday.  Her feet were bare and her soft curls were piled up on top of her head.  He felt his body respond to her beauty with intense longing and he reached a finger out to tickle her toes.  She flinched and moved her foot, but continued to work on her puzzle without looking at him.  

“Babe? You ok?” Dave asked in a concerned voice as he knelt between her legs and bent to kiss the back of her thigh.  

She rolled over to face him and her eyes were dancing with merriment as she gestured to her night stand.  Dave glanced over and saw all of  her dildos sitting on a towel, still wet from a recent washing. He read the evidence quickly.  His Kitten had just fucked herself into complacency.  She was fully satisfied and didn’t need him.  He raised an eyebrow at her because that was simply not going to fly.  She giggled at him and rolled back to her belly to work on her puzzle.   

Dave swatted her once on the ass and then rose from the bed.  He began to pick up the canvases that were thrown haphazardly around the room and arranged them neatly on the dresser.  “You have been very busy, Kitten. The paintings look great.”  He straightened up Kitten’s clutter.  He chuckled at her arrangements of paints, brushes, color tinged water cups, and sketchbooks.  He noticed that she had done some sketches of the two of them with hearts and their names intertwined.  She loved him as deep and pure as any woman could love a man.  She overflowed with devotion to him no matter how little or much time they spent together.  She was unwavering.  She was his.   He knew this, but he could never profess love to her as that would completely change their relationship. He could not ask her to give up her happy life and career far away just to be with him every day.   Dave looked at Kitten sprawled on the bed and smiled.

Dave grabbed a Sharpie from Kitten’s marker collection.  He moved swiftly back to the bed, and before she could wiggle away, pinned her down between his legs and roughly rolled her over.  She squealed as he shoved up her shirt and  wrote Daddy’s Whore in large letters across her squirming stomach.  

“Daddy!” Kitten protested, “This won’t wash off and I’ve been wearing my bikini at the pool.  Now everyone will know that I’m a little whore.”  She rolled the word around in her mouth and her eyes connected to his.   “Whore….Daddy…mmmm.  Daddy… I’m your whore. Daddy, you feel so good.  Hold me,  I’ve missed you.”  

Dave watched as Kitten’s face changed from his little firecracker to his obedient girl.  She always succumbed to his dominance so easily.  He brushed her curls off her face and skimmed his thumb over her cherry red painted lush lips. She sucked at his thumb and sighed with contentment.  

”Let’s play a game, my little whore.  I want you to please Daddy without showing any pleasure for yourself.  If I hear you moan, see you wiggle, or you touch yourself, I will deny you orgasms for a week.  It looks like you have already been cumming like a little slut and you seem well satisfied. It’s time for you  to make Daddy happy.  Do you think you can be good girl?”  Dave pinned her wrists above her head and held his lips inches from hers.  He knew that she craved kisses above all else and her mewling attempts to reach his lips excited him. He was going to make her work for her pleasure.

Dave rolled her onto her stomach and gave her perfect ass a firm smack.  She yelped, but did not squirm for more.  He knew this was her consent to play the game because she always wanted another spanking.  She moved her body into extended child pose as her act of submission.  Dave grabbed a heavy collar and buckled it around her neck.  He then found their ball gag and pulled the strap tight against the back of her head.  She whimpered.  He knew she hated this toy, but her willingness to submit to him made his cock leak in anticipation.  

“My pretty girl.  Let me look at you. Such a good girl,” Dave murmured as he began to look at their other toys.  He picked out some ankle restraints, a spreader bar, and their thick scarlet rope.  She lay on her belly and put her feet up behind her so that he could shackle  them so that they were perfectly spaced apart by the aluminum bar.  He helped her up and guided her to the open space in the room and then tied her wrists to the bar between her legs so that she was completely bent over.  He admired his handiwork, but he knew that she could stay in the position for only a short time.  His Kitten tended to get dizzy.  “Whoops.  We forgot to take off those cute  panties.  Don’t worry sweetheart, Daddy will take care of them.”  

Dave pulled his folding knife out of his back pocket and her eyes grew wide as he flicked open the blade.  He skimmed the blade along her ass, and he  cut away one side of the adorable kitten panties with a simple flick of his wrist and began to work on the other side. She whimpered because she loved those panties and he pressed the blade a little harder into her skin until she sighed. Her eyes closed as she   savored  the sensation of the cold steel on her warm soft skin and her bottom began to move with Daddy’s gentle strokes.

“No wiggling, whore!” Dave thundered in his Daddy voice and he cracked her ass with his hand to bring her out of reverie.  His full handprint glowed against her pale skin on her hip.  He smiled at his handiwork and began to cut her panties off again.  He was careful to only graze her lightly,  and he knew that she wanted to wiggle to ease her building pressure.  He could see her Kitten cream seeping from her  pussy as he peeled her soaked panties away.  Dave bent and slid his tongue in her waiting slit.  He felt her tense up against his mouth as he prodded her delicate folds with his warm strong tongue.  He knew she was biting down on the gag to keep herself silent.  He wanted her to succeed in this game and,though she hated the gag, he knew it would help her keep control of her body.  He began to lap against her clit harder and more intentionally.  Her hips began to involuntarily rock against his mouth and he immediately stopped and swatted her ass again.  

“Kitten!  This is not for you!  This is Daddy’s pleasure.  You need to behave,”  Dave commanded as he bent to untie her wrists.  He pulled her roughly to the bed and made her fall face forward so her ass was exposed to him.  His red handprints glowed bright on her skin and he wanted to add to their color.  He released her ball gag and she gasped in appreciation while licking at the soreness of the corners of her mouth..  

Dave didn’t hesitate to continue.  “Count, Kitten.” Dave began to swat  his Kitten with his large open hand.  She counted each blow in a shaky voice, and he could tell that she was suppressing a yelp each time he made contact.  He made her count to fifty, and he could hear her sniffling a little from the pain.  He allowed her a brief rest while he examined the toys she had in the hotel room..  He selected a leather covered paddle that was long and thin. He wanted to break her, and this was just the tool for the job.

“Fifteen more, Kitten. Make sure you thank Daddy.”  Dave’s cock grew hard in his suit pants each time the power of his swat reverberated up his arm. He was marking his territory.  Kitten’s sobs soon overtook her counting, and he knew that she needed him.  He undid his fly and roughly rolled the weeping Kitten to the edge of the bed so that her head hung upside down.  Her face was smeared with tears and her eyes were wild with pain.  Dave forced his cock between her lips and she began to suck greedily like a newborn calf.  Sucking soothed her pain.  She gulped and sucked vigorously and soon her breathing stabilized and he felt her hand stroke him.

“Open wide, Baby.” Dave ordered and he feels Kitten relax her throat to accommodate his entire cock.  Dave began thrusting deep into her mouth while ignoring her gags.  He knew she could take it.  He briefly stopped to check on her after a few minutes of hard pounding,  and her swollen eyes twinkled up at him  and he knew that she was ok and enjoying him.  He pulled her by the hair to her knees in front of him and allowed her to lick and suck his balls while he stroked her curls.  

When he felt that she had rested, Dave strapped their ring gag tightly to her beautiful face.. The metal forced her to keep her lips open and her mouth ready for his pleasure.  Dave grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat again.  He unrelentlingly thursted himslef into her little mouth. and he felt her throat gag and constrict around his throbbing cock.  She held onto the backs of his legs and forced herself to remain conscious despite being deprived of air again and again.  Dave became frenzied as he pounded his cock into her face until finally he felt himself empty into her gullet.  His greedy whore gulped at her prize and swallowed every drop of his offering.  He released her hair and she collapsed onto the floor, gasping and used.  

Dave gently removed the ankle cuffs and spreader bar and brought her a pillow on the floor.  He then slid the comforter off the bed and covered her still form up.  He undressed and lay beside his Kitten and found her lips.  They tasted of cum and sweat.  He kissed her softly until her lips began to respond, and she pressed her body against his.  He tucked her head under his chin and held her close while stroking her back.  She nuzzled under his chin and her exhausted body fell into slumber quickly.  

“Good girl, sweetheart,” Dave whispered into her hair before he closed his eyes and held her.  

Dave woke after a few hours of napping and wondered briefly why he was sleeping on the floor.  His arm was numb from being wrapped around Kitten, but he was afraid to move because she was still sleeping.  This was a moment of pure perfection.  They fit so well together and his feelings for her bubbled hot under his calm domineering facade.  These stolen days are never enough and quiet times like this make him yearn for different lives.  He picked up her hand off his chest and kissed the back of it.  Her fingers softened and began to stroke his strong chin.  

“Mmmmmm Daddy. I feel so good, thank you.”  

“Let me check my little Kitten for owies.”  Dave rolled her over onto her belly and checked her body for any injury.  There were a few bruises starting to blossom from the paddle’s blows so he got her first aid box and rubbed some cream on her bottom.  His gentle hands moved in circles over her skin and he heard her moan softly.  “Does kitty need more petting?” Dave asked as he began to move his massage up her back.  She stretched under his touch as he intensified the strength of his fingers. He slid two fingers into her pussy and was greeted by warm wetness.   “Hmmm, good girl.  Maybe later I will let Kitten have some fun.” He brushed her hair off her neck and kissed her under her curls before standing up and heading towards the bathroom.  

Kitten joined him in the bathroom after a few minutes.  She wearing nothing but her collar as she brushed her teeth and swept her hair into a bun on top of her head.  

“May I take a shower, Daddy?  I feel sticky and sweaty and I’m getting hungry. Plus I want to scrub off this Sharpie.  Are you staying with me for dinner?   I think we should go get some Thai food,” Kitten babbled as she unbuckled her collar and started the shower water.  

“Leave. The. Sharpie. Alone.” Dave growled as he slid his hands around her body to cup her ample breasts.  He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples and they instantly responded by hardening.  He added pressure until her bottom began bumping his crotch and she leaned her head back to moan.  

Dave led them into the shower stall and began to wash her body with a soapy sponge.  He relished in tracing her curves leaving bubbles in the wake of his strokes.  She arched her back and turned her face to the water and he knelt before her to kiss her stomach.  She held his head to her body and poured shampoo into her hand to wash his hair.  Her soapy fingers massaged his scalp and she felt him moan against her.  She carefully tipped his head up, rinsed the soap and bent to kiss him.  Water poured over their bodies as their kiss intensified.  He gasped for air after they broke their connection and his eyes were full of hunger.  Kitten smiled and turned her back to him.  She spread her legs wide and placed her hands against the wall.  Dave watched the water drip from her round ass, but he decided to deny her what she was begging for because he liked to watch her squirm.  Dave  instead pushed the hotel soap into his greedy Kitten’s pussy.  She gasped as her body wrapped itself around the hard edges of the soap but maintained her position despite her discomfort. He pushed the soap in and out as he watched her body language.  Kitten moaned against the gentle pressure and began to breathe rapidly.  Dave felt her tense and knew that in a few strokes she would cum hard. He stopped before she began her orgasm and slapped her ass before pulling away from her.

“You’re such a good Kitten.  Hurry up and get ready.  I actually made us a dinner reservation.”  Dave whispered against her ear as he pulled the bar of soap from her and left her mewling in the shower.  

Kitten dressed in Dave’s favorite outfit; a black strapless cocktail dress  with a flared skirt that had a petticoat underneath.  Her hair was swept up to form a crown of curls and she never stopped smiling at him.  Dave’s heart pounded as he was overwhelmed with love for this woman,  but he knew that the distance between them was insurmountable.  She loved her job, her mother lived near her, and her life was perfect over 1,000 miles away.  He could never have her like he truly wanted.   He chastised himself for these thoughts and took a moment to regain composure before escorting her into the night.  

Dave pulled his car into the parking lot and walked around to open Kitten’s door.  He kissed her cheek and murmured in her ear that she looked beautiful.  She smiled and nuzzled him with her nose.  The pair walked into the restaurant hand in hand.  

“Our reservation is  for 7:00 under the name Pussy Galore,”  Dave told the hostess and Kitten giggled while snuggling his arm.  The hostess rolled her eyes and led them to a table in the back of the dining room nestled in a dark corner.    Dave pulled Kitten’s chair out for her and helped her to get settled.  “We only need one menu, thank you,” Dave told the hostess.  A look of confusion crossed her face, but she handed him the single menu and skirted off into the busy restaurant.  There were tables of couples filling the dining room and candles flickered on the tables illuminating smiling faces. Daddy put his arm around Kitten and pulled her close to kiss her neck.  She giggled and swatted him away.  He bit her ear a little harder than necessary and made her squawk in protest before tucking a napkin on her lap.

The waiter came to the table and exchanged pleasantries with the cozy pair.  Dave ordered them  wine and an appetizer.   He always ordered for her whenever they dined together.  He knew everything about his Kitten from her bra size to her childhood sweethearts.  She fascinated him, and he probed her mind through countless conversations and digital correspondence.  The waiter returned with their shrimp cocktail and drinks.   Dave told him what they would like for dinner and turned his attention to Kitten. He loved being alone with her in public.  

“Hungry, Kitten?”  Dave traced her lips with his thumb and then fed her a piece of shrimp.  She gobbled it up and lapped up some wine from her glass with her cute pink tongue.  Dave thought about asking for a bowl and making her drink like a good little Kitten at the table. He loved watching her lap up her wine.  They have played that game before but it draws too much unwanted attention from other diners.  Tonight, he had a new challenge for his Kitten.  

Dave chose this restaurant because of the dimmed ambiance, and he selected this table because of the privacy. He placed his hand on Kitten’s thigh where her stockings stopped and stroked her soft skin.  His touch made her slide close to him, and she stole a gentle  kiss.  Dave gently worked his way up her leg and found that she was bare under the layers of her dress as was expected.  He knew that she would allow him to slide his fingers in her at the table, but that was an old game.  She had mastered control over her orgasms generated by his fingers so that she didn’t make noise in public.  Dave’s new game hopefully would push her over the brink and make her pleasure known to this crowded room.  He wanted her to lose a bit of composure in the restaurant.  He kissed her cheek and then savored her lips.  Her eyes closed and she hungrily feasted on his mouth.  She began to wiggle in her seat and pulled his hand into her lap asking him without words to touch her.  Dave pulled away from her  and bewilderingly slipped under the tablecloth.  It appeared that Kitten was alone save the tell-tale second wine glass to any curious wandering eyes.  Kitten drained her wineglass with a trembling hand.  

He slid his hands under her dress and pulled her body towards him until she was on the edge of her chair and he could breathe in her sweet heat.  She accommodated him by opening her thighs, and he nibbled her stocking’s edge.  He felt her tense, and she radiated apprehension.  Her discomfort  pleased him immensely.   He smiled against her skin, kissed her inner thigh, and then eagerly buried his nose in her sultry wetness.  He heard her slap the table hard in protest as his tongue probed into her. He knew how to drive her body to its breaking point.  He hungrily lapped against her clit in rhythmic circles,  and he could tell that she was holding desperately onto her composure.  Her body was rigid, but she kept her legs open for him because that was what he expected.  Dave took long slow licks of her dripping pussy.

“Daddy!” Kitten hisses as her hips began to buck against his lips.  Her hand groped for his head and she tangled her fingers in his hair.  She tried to push  him away slightly to ease the pressure of his relentless advances.  He growled low into her and gripped her legs tighter until he felt her submit to his demands. Now she was his fully.  Her body language changed to utter surrender, and this is what Dave had been hoping for in this game.    He began to write her a love letter with his tongue between her legs by flicking his tongue up and down her slit in well practiced strokes.  His face was buried between his legs and all he could see, feel, and taste was her.  The world melted away and nothing else mattered but their physical connection.  He channeled all of the pent up feelings of wanting and his love for her into his licks and sucks until he felt her break.  

“Meeee-oooooowwww! Daddy!  Yes!  Yes! Yessss!” Kitten cried as she slumped back into her chair, bucking her hips against his face while allowing orgasm to consume her body.  The restaurant went silent and every eye was turned towards the panting  woman in the corner of the room.  Kitten lay back on her chair with her ample chest heaving as wives and girlfriends began to snap fingers in the faces of their visibly aroused dates.  The waiter rushed to their table.

“Is everything ok, madam?  You look flushed.  Perhaps a glass of water?  May I find your gentleman friend for you?” he stammered as he looked desperately for the source of her discomfort.  

Kitten snapped up in her chair and the heat of embarrassment flooded her cheeks.   She quickly regained her composure and bit her lip. She could feel Dave suppressing a laugh against her thigh.  “I’m fine, thank you. A glass of water sounds lovely,”  Kitten said.  

Dave waited until the waiter left before he crawled out from under the table and kissed Kitten with his slick lips and chin.  She could taste her cum  on his lips and she began to lick his mouth clean.  “Good girl, Kitten,”  Daddy whispered against her mouth, “Wasn’t that fun?”  Kitten punched his arm lightly and scrunched her nose at him.  Her face was still flush with embarrassment.  

The waiter arrived with their food and a glass of water for Kitten.  Dave kissed her hand and tucked her napkin on her lap again.   He would need to have her fully to quiet the beast building inside his body, but for now they would talk and eat.   Dave paid for their meal after they finished, and the pair hurried from the restaurant to get back to the privacy of Kitten’s hotel room.  Dave was satisfied with their public fun for the evening.  He liked to push her limits, but he had other plans for his sweet girl.  

Kitten stripped out of heels and her dress and flopped on the bed in just her bra and thigh highs when they got to the hotel.  She knew that Dave would want to talk about their dinner adventure and they would write it down in their  journal.  They liked to keep track of their experiences and communication was very important to both of them.   He pulled their overflowing and well worn notebook out of  his overnight bag.  They discussed their dinner game and Dave carefully recorded her word and feelings.  Kitten drew hearts  on Dave’s thigh with her finger as she told him about feeling embarrassed but forcing herself to  push past that to give him her orgasm in front of the other diners.  Dave flipped through their book and a photo of Kitten tied to a hotel balcony fell in his lap.  She was gagged and her face was streaked with running mascara and tears.  She looked beautiful.

“Kitten, how about some rope play tonight?  Does that sound fun?”  Dave put away the notebook and began to walk around her room to look at all the toys.  He tossed her a black negligee and she slid it on quickly.  Dave pulled out some of their rope and began to unwind it while he thought about all the ways that he could tie his pretty kitty.  

“Daddy, can we please have sex without toys?”  Kitten purred as she snuggled into the pillows with half closed eyes, “I want to be wrapped up in only you.”  Dave looked up from the rope at his Kitten.  She was laying on the bed, her stocking covered legs were gently swaying,  and her mouth looked like it was begging to be kissed.  The rope slipped from his fingers as he considered her suggestion.  He always worried  about simply enjoying her because of the emotions that stirred within him when he allowed himself to be vulnerable.  But tonight she  looked beautiful, and the pang he felt in his chest prompted him to look away to regain composure.

He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. “Yes, baby.  We can make love, sweet and slow.  You’ve been such a good girl.”  Dave kissed her on her knee and  began to undress as Kitten slowly slid   
her stockings down her legs.  She idly let her fingers touch her warm wetness and spread her legs wide.    Dave stopped unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes were transfixed on her.  She rubbed her slit with two fingers until a gentle moan escaped her lips as the first flutter of orgasm rippled through her body.  

“Daddy.  Watch me,” Kitten murmured. The lovers Skype frequently when they are apart and David spent many hours glued to a computer monitor watching his Kitten please herself.  She was adept at bringing herself to orgasm repeatedly.  Dave sat on the edge of the bed and became transfixed as Kitten began to let pleasure consume her.  Her fingers curled and she slipped the middle two inside to search for the spot within that made her purr.  Her thumb brushed her swollen clit as she found a stroke that made her muscles contract and warmth spread between her legs.  Dave watched as her juices began to drip around her fingers as she bucked her hips to the ceiling.  He couldn’t take it anymore and dipped his head to lap at the juice flowing from her body. His tongue thrashed her clit.  His teeth grazed her hot little button of flesh and he took a long suck of her juices.   She groaned and pulled his head tight against her throbbing pussy.  Her fingers slid out of the way as she surrendered to his merciless mouth.  His chin dripped with her wetness as his tongue fucked her hungry pussy.  

“Daddy! More!” Kitten gasped as Dave brought her to the edge of orgasm again.  He quickly undressed and slid his cock inside of her.  Her body immediately responded with the pulse of orgasm, and he covered her mouth with his lips to muffle her loud moan.  They fell into a rhythm as their words ceased and their bodies sought pleasure from each other.  Dave’s hips met hers in perfect time.  He pressed her legs over her head and her whimpers of pleasure pushed him over the edge.  He threw his head back and groaned as he flooded her with cum.  Kitten felt his heat fill her and her body climaxed in a final spasm of release.  Her lips found his and they kissed with heated passion.  Dave gazed into Kitten’s eyes and found them brimming with tears.  A lone tear slid down her cheek and he quickly kissed it away.  

“I’m sorry for crying, Daddy. I love you. I need you and I never want to be without you.”  Kitten allowed a few more tears to squeeze out and then she buried her head against Dave’s broad chest.  Dave felt his heart burst.  

“Kitten, I love you,  I’ve always loved you, ”  Dave whispered.  Kitten stiffened in surprise.  Those words had never been spoken aloud before and they settled into her brain like honey on a biscuit.  Her lips eagerly sought his, and their kiss made them dizzy with renewed desire.  Dave pulled his Kitten close and finally felt whole.  

The next morning, Dave had to work and he slipped out of Kitten’s arms before she woke up. He felt light and happy as he slogged through traffic.  He caught himself humming throughout the day, and he had Kitten on his mind.  He knew that she would be leaving in a few days, but he knew that despite the miles, they would be ok.  He hustled through his workday to get back to Kitten’s hotel room.  Finally, it was time to return to his love.  It felt so good to finally express that emotion that he had repressed for so long.  He sprinted up the stairs to her room and slid his keycard in the lock.  

“Kitten!  Baby!  Daddy is back,” Dave said as he walked into the room.  The room was empty.  All of their toys were gone and there was an envelope on the bed labeled “Daddy.”  Dave’s heart dropped and his body went cold.  She left him.  He just knew it.  It was like his divorce  cases.  Love fades.  Love leaves. Love always ends. Dave held the envelope heavy in his hands and finally had the courage to open it.  

Inside was a key and an address.  That was it.  No explanation or even a goodbye note.  Kitten loved to play games, and though he was annoyed, his curiosity was piqued.  He knew that he would indulge her.  He growled and flew back down the stairs.    

He punched the address into his GPS and roared his car out of the parking lot while he dialed her cell number.  It went to voicemail but her lilting voice and slight giggle that asked him to leave a message made his stomach fill with butterflies.  She had incredible power over him and he felt raw inside.  He wanted to hold her now and not drive all over town chasing her.  He needed her with him and as he drove, he decided that he would ask her to move near him and maybe live with him.  That thought made him smile and glow inside.

He finally found the address that the envelope contained and he was surprised that it was very close to his own house.  In fact, as he got out of his car, he realized that the address where he was standing backed up to the far edge of his property.  This was bizarre.  Who did she know that lived here?  There wasn’t a car in the driveway and Dave walked around the house looking for signs of life.  The house looked empty.  He went back to the front porch and rang the doorbell.  He stood and waited for awhile and began to look around impatiently.  A corner of a white envelope stuck out from the doormat.  It matched the hotel envelop so Dave picked it up.  It was also labeled “Daddy.” Inside, it simply said, “Please come in.”  

Dave shrugged and tried his key in the lock.  The door clicked open and he went inside. The layout was very similar to his house but considerably smaller.  There wasn’t any furniture in the house at all and it looked like it hadn’t been lived in for quite awhile. Dave poked around and found nothing.  No sign of his Kitten anywhere.  Then he heard a giggle.  He knew that tinkling laugh was attached to his Kitten and he followed the sound to the basement.  He fumbled for the light and illuminated the spacious room.  There was definitely furniture in this room. His eyes scanned the well stocked dungeon.  A St. Andrew’s Cross was mounted on one wall and there were spanking horses, hard points for suspension play and a beautiful wooden table just the right height for intense play.  

“Daddy!”  Kitten squealed from a corner.  She had handcuffed herself to an iron bed that was reflected in a huge mirror on the ceiling.  She was in full kitten gear.  Her white puffy ears were nestled in her curls and her body was wrapped in black lace.  She had on her garter-belt and shiny black stockings that ended in delicate high heels.  Her white fluffy kitten tail poked out from between her legs and Dave felt his cock bulge in anticipation.

“What in the hell, Kitten!”  Dave barked at her,  “What is all this? What is going on?”   He sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on her legs.  He was angry but he was damn sure going to touch her.  

“This house is mine, Daddy!  I bought it! Do you like it?”  Kitten bubbled.   “I noticed it was for sale a few months ago and I thought that I could renovate it and rent it out as a dungeon space.  That way I could visit you more often.  But, things started to fall into place.  My mom moved to Florida with her new boyfriend and I was given the opportunity to transfer my job closer to you. I wanted to keep it a secret until I knew for sure that everything would work the way that I hoped it would.   I can still go back to my old job if you don’t want me here.”  

“Kitten.  Stop.  I’m shocked.  You did this to be closer to me?”  Dave asked.

“Yes, Daddy.  I’m so happy!”  

“There is one problem, Kitten,” Dave  told her.  

“Daddy?” Kitten whimpered.

“You absolutely can’t live here.”

“Really?  Daddy I thought…” Kitten’s eyes welled up,  and she struggled against her handcuffs to wipe the newly falling tears. Dave retrieved  the key and unlocked her hands before he  got up from the bed.  

“Oh Kitten.  You can’t live here.  You belong to me and I need you in my bed,” David said he slid his belt  free and  wound it around his hand.  “We will keep this place for our own pleasure and play parties, but I am never letting you go, Kitten.  You are mine for always. Now roll over and count.”  


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