I was eating alone in my college cafeteria while sketching birds and enjoying solitude.  A shadow crossed my sketchbook and someone placed a brand new pack of prismacolor pencils next to my hand.  I looked up from my drawing and met the gaze of a very handsome man.  He was a hulk of a man that towered above me, but he had a dazzling smile.  His muscles rippled under his shirt and his cocoa colored skin invited touch.  

“I’ve been watching you drawing and I noticed that your pencils were getting short.  I thought you could use some new ones.  I found these in the bookstore downstairs,”  his voice rumbled at he sat down next to me.

I was startled as he presented me with my favorite kind of pencils.  I smiled.  

“Umm.  Thank you.  I’m Kitt.  You’ve been watching me?” I stammered as he began to flip through my sketch book.  

“These are awesome.  Can you draw me a tiger?” he asked.  

I began to sketch and soon we had  talked for hours.  His name was Rick and he was a linebacker on the football team with a full scholarship. I was an art student also on a full scholarship for academics.  I talked about art, philosophy, and literature, and he talked about touchdowns.  We really had very little in common, but the conversation was easy and he made me laugh.  

“Same time tomorrow?”  He asked as the cafeteria began to close and we prepared to say goodbye.

He bent and kissed me on the cheek and I walked to my dorm with a happy but thoughtful hum.  I had recently met another student to whom I was attracted, but he went home for the weekend.  We had spent the previous week walking the campus until the wee hours of the morning holding hands, and I had been sleeping in the shirt that he had given me so I could smell him all night.  We had not kissed nor made any promises, but I still felt guilty about spending time with Rick.  Curiosity nagged at me as I got ready for bed and I decided to seek out Rick for at least one more conversation. 

I skipped to lunch the next day giddy with  the thought of maybe seeing Rick again.  I began to set up my workstation per usual by the large window overlooking the courtyard.  I bent over to pull out my sketchbook, and I could feel him before I could see him.  Heat radiated between us as he slid his hands around my waist and pulled me into his embrace while kissing my cheek.

“I’ve been thinking about you all night,” he whispered in my ear, “Can we go up to my room?”

I sighed into him, my body aching for the touch of a man.  It had been months since my last sexual encounter and I could feel my body demanding a reprise of what it desired most.  My throat ran dry and I could nothing more but hold still and allow myself time to catch my breath.  I nodded and we packed up my things and left the cafeteria. Now, I knew that we had been warned by this very situation by the college officials.  I was going into  the male dorm.  Visitation hours had just begun, but I knew their rules were far more lax than the female dorms where you had to keep your door open if you had someone of the opposite sex in your room.  I let him lead me through the labyrinth of doors and hallways and we finally reached his one man room.  He had gotten rid of the tiny twin dorm bed and had replaced it with a large king sized bed that dominated the room.   I noticed that he had hung my drawing over his mirror and this made me blush.  

We didn’t talk.  He pulled me close with a strong arms and I turned and kissed his lips.  He groaned and probed his tongue deep in my mouth.  My body went on automatic pilot.  He pulled us to the bed and tumbled on top of him.  I straddled his lap and began to wiggle my hips against his body to encourage his advances.  

I moaned against his lips and sat up to look into his eyes while pulling my shirt off over my head.  He quickly dispatched my bra and my nipples were soon being devoured by his mouth.  Heat seared through me and I knew that I was close to orgasm from rubbing against his cock that was still soft in his pants.

I had  self induced orgasms for too many months and to be in the arms of a man again, sent my body over the edge.  I panted for him and surrendered myself to the throbbing pulsations that shivered through my body. He flipped me on my back, slid my shorts out of the way,  and thrust his fingers into my slit with a practiced hand.  He followed the rhythm of my hips and I gushed my wet heat all over his hand.  His eyes grew wide and he fumbled for his fly. My thin little cotton shorts and fully soaked panties were the only barriers stopping us from uniting our bodies.

I reached down to grasp his cock and froze.  I couldn’t fit my hand around it and it sprang out of his pants like the Ol’ Peanut Brittle Can trick. It was enormous.  My face must have looked panicked and horrified because Rick kissed me quickly.

“It’s OK, baby.  Just do your best,” he whispered  my ear.

“I don’t think that will fit inside me,” I said in awe.  “You’re huge!”

Rick chuckled, “We will need practice to get it to fit, but just do what you are comfortable.  I’m dying for your touch and I just want to feel you.”

I bent and gave his cock a lick and was rewarded with a sample of his creamy goodness. I opened my mouth wide, but I could barely fit in the tip.  I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me in the hopes of stretching my jaw.   I gagged as tears began to fall on my cheeks.  I tried to build a rhythm, but the friction was too great.     He pulled me up to kiss him and started laughing while his hands to guided mine to aid in stroking him.  We stroked together until he bucked back on the bed and I was alone trying to wrangle this monster.  

“Your mouth,”he gasped and thrust his pelvis towards me.  

At this point, I was no longer horny, and this dance was  like a gruesome train-wreck;  I couldn’t look away.  I wanted  to see this thing through.  I attempted to wrap my lips around him again and provide a little suction.  Three sucks in and he unloaded hot in my mouth until it was burbling out of my lips.  I tried to swallow, but there seemed to be no end to his fountain of cum.  I ended up dribbling all over his stomach and gasping for air.  His hand found my head and tangled his fingers in my curls. 

“You ok?”  Rick raised up my chin and looked at me.  I must have looked a little bit shell shocked because pulled me in his arms.  “You handled me pretty well.   I know it’s difficult. I’ve actually had girls run out of the room when they saw my cock.  Wanna watch a movie?  I’m not ready to let you go just yet.”  We cuddled on his bed and I dozed against his muscled shoulder.  

He then walked me back to my dorm and kissed me on the steps.  I knew that there wasn’t going to be another time with Rick again because I wanted to pursue the boy I had been seeing prior to this weekend.  We had one more lunch together and I explained that I was falling in love with a skater boy who made me laugh.  He understood and we parted amicably.  I ended up seeing a great deal of  Rick that year because he was engaged to a girl who lived in my dorm.  We passed each other frequently in the hallways, and  I had a tremendous amount of respect for the woman that could take that cock.


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